Problem with switchable graphics in notebook. Atikmdag BSOD on windows 10.

Discussion created by airtongomeslima on Aug 5, 2015
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I have a notebook DELL latitude 15R with a R7M265 AMD and intel, the intel is functioning but amd is giving problem (bsod atikmdag) when I use it, or when I try to update the driver.


When I try to install the driver, installs the Catalyst Install Manager and when will install the driver appears atikmdag error on the blue screen, this occurred after upgrading to Windows 10 (I have the old HD with the windows 8.1 and it's working fine, so i think it's not a hardware problem).



Already I tried:


Update the driver (results in error)


Install the beta driver (results in the same error)


Installing the driver for windows update (results in the same error)


Install the driver for the device manager (same error)


Delete the dll files like the atkmdag and retry the steps above. (same mistake)


Delete the files and dll copy they from installation folder by decompressing them with cmd (same error)




I do not know what to do. Any idea?




Sorry for my bad english, thanks.