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    Graphical Resolution Glitch out R9 Radeon Fury


      I got the ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 Fury card.  It has a DVI port on it, and I am using that to connect to a Samsung 2343BWX monitor, which has a resolution of 2048x1152 and only has dual link DVI.  I have sent an email off to ASUS as well on this, but I want to open the issue here to see if others have similar problems.


      To start, I had the resolution at 2048x1152.  After about an hour after boot up and being anywhere in Windows 7, the screen shrinks down and has glitched lines in it.  After about a minute, the system goes into a blue screen of death and reboots.  Sometimes, the computer give beep code errors regarding to GPU failure, but a power down/up cycle resolves that.  If I change the resolution while the glitched image occurs, it clears up the screen, and I think recovers the driver.


      My current solution was to reduce resolution to 1920x1080.  Instead of the screen going weird, the system comes up with "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."  Sometimes, this error comes in a batch of 3 or 4 over 15 minutes.  My current leads at this time is either a really faulty GPU, the Fury GPUs are Fury X's that didn't pass for Fury X, and the DVI modification by ASUS has some issues in implementation.


      Regardless of my thoughts, I have reviewed the Event Viewer on the most recent attempts over this issue and tried to paste other errors that lead up to the "display driver stopped responding" error into a text file, attached.


      CPU: Intel Core i7-3820

      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-x79-UD3

      RAM: Corsair 2133MHz 4x4GB

      GPU: ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 Fury

      OS: Windows 7

      Driver: Catalyst 15.7.1


      Issue existed in Catalyst 15.7 as well


      Currently, I am testing underclocking to check for stability.  I will try connecting to my TV when I have time to move my PC this week to eliminate possibility of the DVI port feature having problems.  I am posting the error logs to see if someone may recognize the error messages and determine another culprit.

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          I purchased the same Asus Strix Fury card from Amazon.com, experienced this issue on 2 occasions. On the second occasion, attempted to switch display from LCD to the second display output I use (TV Screen), at which point I got a BSOD and automatic reboot.


          I just contacted Amazon who are sending me a replacement card this very moment. Although, coming upon this thread, I have NO idea if the replacement is going to be upto snuff... I can only hope, otherwise that gets sent back, this time for a refund.....


          This really sucks, I wish Asus would acknowledge the problem, maybe it just requires a bios update?



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              BTW, I forgot to mention some important details:


              1) The problem is identical for me too. Except, it doesnt happen that often, so far, its consistently been every 3-4 days, and happens at a time when card is not under any stress (just browsing internet. The screen shrinks to a different resolution, and there are moving horizontal lines across it.

              2) Resolution is 1920x1080@60Hz. After the first time, I turned on the flag "Alternate DVI Operational mode" in Catalyst settings. Problem still occured. Then I turned on the other flag "Reduce DVI Frequency.." and then the problem happened again literally minutes later.

              3) Running Windows 7 x64, Catalyst version 15.7. Also, prior to installing the new card, I did a full uninstall of drivers, and reinstalled it fresh on startup.

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                  I received the replacement card from Amazon last week, and after a week of testing, the problem hasnt occured once. I even spent a good deal of time on the forum site where this problem consistently manifested previously, and still havent seen the issue show up.


                  I never disabled ULPS via the registry, just because I hate fiddling with registry settings if its not absolutely necessary.


                  I upgraded to the latest 15.7.1 (15.20.1062.1004) last week while using the old card, and the problem still occured. I upgraded to the replacement Friday last week and since then, its been solid.


                  One other piece of info. The Serial number on the old ASUS Strix Fury card ended with a five digit number starting with 1 (1XXXX), and the replacement starts with a 7 (7XXXX). On top of that, the replacement card box had newer stickers on it saying "Windows 10 Ready", along with a few other promotional stickers for "World of Warships" that the older packaging didn't have. So that leads me to believe I got a much newer card from a completely different batch this time. So, based on all of this, I have reason to believe that it is most likely a hardware/production issue of some kind. I understand that disabling ULPS solves the issue, but for a more permanent solution, I would advise anyone seeing this issue to either send their card back for a replacement if under the 30 day window, or deal with the card manufacturer directly under warranty, demanding that they either fix the card or replace it.





                  PS. I will monitor it for a few more weeks to be sure, and post back here again.

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                I returned 3 fury xs (sapphire, xfx, and then msi) because of this and now the regular fury I have (asus) is doing this. I was using a 390x at one point and had 0 problems like this.


                I've used various cables. DVI, HDMI, DP, even a DVI > DP Adapter.

                And it has happened on previous driver versions.


                Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M7

                CPU: i7-6700k
                GPU: ASUS Strix R9 Fury (15.8 beta)

                Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 3000 (F4-3000C15D-16GRK)

                PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W (BN603)

                OS: Windows 10 64-bit


                This is what it looks like. The screen shrinks upward, the bottom third of the screen turning black (or green when on hdmi), random lines all over the place, and then eventually a bsod/reboot.

                2015-08-20 22.09.58.jpg

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                  I am also having this issue with my Saphire Tri-X r9 Fury. using the HDMI port. I have a tendency to not shutdown or restart my computer for days, and it has happened once every few days, a screen resolution change fixing the problem.

                  it just happened again, which is why I went looking for information on it.

                  all times when I am just browsing the internet or otherwise not using much gpu power.

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                    There is also a thread on this here Fury X Display problem.

                    I would recommend posting there as well.

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                      I've already posted about the issue in the other topic but in case anyone just scrolls through here I just wanted to add that disabling ULPS does not fix the problem.