Windows 10 external monitor via surround receiver, no signal

Discussion created by jpalo on Aug 4, 2015
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I have one monitor connected to AMD Radeon HD7950 via direct HDMI cable, and TV connected via Pioneer VSX-924 surround receiver using Mini-displayport-HDMI adapter (so mini-displayport-HDMI adapter from HD7950 to receiver, and normal HDMI cable from receiver to TV). On Windows 8.1 it works fine, but on Windows 10, the TV is no longer receiving signal. Windows 10 is detecting the TV device just fine, I can see it even in CCC, but TV is just saying "No Signal". If I connect the mini-displayport-HDMI cable directly from HD7950 to TV, it works fine, so it only stops working when going via the surround receiver.


I have the latest Radeon version 15.7.1, and all updates to Windows 10. Is this Catalyst issue or Pioneer receiver issue or is there anything else I can do except wait for update or revert back to Windows 8.1?


I tried removing Catalyst drivers and reinstalling everything, no help. I even did a clean Windows 10 installation, still the same behavior.