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    HD4870 driver for windows 10


      Hi, i want to know if amd will release Windows 10 HD4870 driver, its work fine with Windows 8 driver , i can use catalyst control center, but this driver is to old for a new Windows,so please make a new driver for Windows 10 HD4870 and stop, say change videocard, i don`t like to spent money without reason.If AMD don`t release a driver for HD4870 on Windows 10, next videocard will be buy from Nvidia.Respect us if you want us.Please someone from AMD respond, i want to see  oficial answer

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          Don't waste your time.  AMD will just say their older cards aren't supported by Windows 10 due to them being WDDM 1.1.  This is a lie.  They just don't want to spend the time to upgrade the drivers.  The minimum graphic cards specs for WIndows 10 is WDDM 1.0.  All Nvidia cards with WDDM 1.1 have Windows 10 drivers.


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