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    won't switch to radeon m360


      Hi all.


      I have HP 15-ab-078na with dual graphic - r5 integrated and r7 m360 2 GB.  I was going to play GTA V and I changed all setting to maximise performance in ccc, but it seems like the game is running on integrated graphic card. is there any solution for this, like manual switching graphic cards?

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          i have the same issue with m375 , its been like 2 months and still didn't find any solution .. however i think its driver issue. because all the websites shows that the m375 is a good one however the intel integrated out preform it i have been waiting for a solution but i didn't find any....

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            In AMD Catalyst Control Center

            Under Power tab,  Switchable Graphics Application Settings. Select High Performance for Graphics Setting. That will choose m375 instead of integrated graphics.


            It can add application monitor(Switchable Graphics Application) to add your game or manually add in in "Add Application button"