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Acer problem dual graphics A10_7300 (r6 and R7 265m)

Question asked by need2kill on Aug 5, 2015

Hi guys thx for read this question


Hello my name is Alex im not have the best english but is sufficient to explain you my question


I have a acer e 15 | E-15-551G-T1BP



4 gb ram ddr3l (dont dual ch)

r6 integrated vram and r7 265m to dedicated


so my question is where is the dual graphics, this notebook is apu and in the page of amd driver i read this have DUAL graphics,and in the catalyst control center 15.7.1 dont have the option to dual my  gpus and so many games read the r6 and no the r7, (the principal driver in the amd catalyst is the r6 and r7 is the secondary) ***

i feel cheated

thx all and answer me pls