Desktop Mode reverts always to @24p Hz (With Samsung HU8590)

Discussion created by onimoschta on Aug 4, 2015

This problem didnt occur with older catalyst version on Windows 7. Whenever i change the resolution it reverts to 24Hz. it doesnt matter if its 1080p or 2160p or whatever resolution. 1080p  @60Hz wont work, neither 30p or whatever refresh rate, only 24hz. This is really annoying because i cant get my game mode working with refreshing rates lower than 60 Hz which causes big input lag an is unplayable. Just to be clear, Besides WIndows 10 and the latest Catalyst drivers nothing has changed, the HDMI cable is still the same, the TV is the same and the location is the same, everything besides Windows 10 and the windows 10 catalyst driver