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      • Re: Windows 10 make AMD HD 7650A dead.....any update from dell or AMD help not the card must be OFF
        1. 1. Upgrade BIOS to A06.
        2. 2. Download for Chipset x 2 and Display x 2. These are the ones in the attached image. All drivers are the latest version expect for  which works perfectly.
        3. 3. Uninstall Intel video driver and all AMD Catalyst software. You can use "Display Driver Uninstaller" in SAFE MODE - it is really good, simple and free program.
        4. 4. Restart Notebook.
        5. 5. Install all drivers EXCEPT the one for VIDEO_AMD - the first one in the image above.
        6. 6. Restart Notebook.
        7. 7. Check if the AMD device is still uninstalled (in Programs and Features) if not go to step 3.
        8. 8. Install the driver "Video_AMD. This is the driver for AMD Radeon 8800M and above the first one in the image.
        9. 9. Restart Notebook.
        10. 10. AMD graphic should works now.