r9 270 on Win10, latest Catalyst, randomly flickers to different resolution, cannot change back

Discussion created by towers on Aug 4, 2015

The problem is that my monitor changes suddenly from the normal 1366*768 to 1600*1200. It happened yesterday after I finished playing a game at normal resolution then a few minutes later the screen flickered into 1600*1200. I tried changing it to the regular 1366*768 but the monitor becomes stretched and both the lower and upper 1/5th of the screen is not even used.[img][/img] This happens when I'm using two displays; SyncMaster B1930 = 1366*768 DVI-D to VGA adapter and Sony 40R352B = 1920*1080 HDMI. About a couple hours later the issue seemed to return to normal after changing a few things in Catalyst.


This is currently the 2nd time that this has happened. This current one happened after the computer went to sleep for 30 minutes. When I powered it back on I get the same message saying that this is not normal resolution and I find it once again changed into 1600*1200. Now I can't change it back again


None of these issues were present before I upgraded from windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and before I upgraded to the latest Catalyst.


Another issue is that sometimes the TV monitor 1920*1080 sometimes stutters which also never happened in the previous version of the Catalyst.


Please help me fix this since I cannot use my computer properly.


Thank you!