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    Trouble finding compatible memory's for A10 7870K


      I'm trying to find some memory's that'll run @ 2400MHZ, compatible with the A10 7870K my motherboard is a ASUS A88X-PRO. I'm running on on-board graphics.


      Regards, Fredrik

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          Well check your motherboard's manual which memory you specifically require (I'm guessing DDR3) and look for some computer parts retailer/e-shop selling them. It's not really that difficult...

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              Just because the memory is on the mobos' QVL doesn't always equate to compatible / stable. The mobo manufacturer  in question has revised it's QVL list twice the introduction & release of the 7870k.


              I called several ram manufacturers and some de-listed their ram on mobos QVL. One major manufacturer had a disclaimer that they were not endorsing/recommending any of their ram above 1600mhz for any mobos with A88x  chipset.

              G.Skill tech support stated that their Trident X 2400mhz is the best DDR 3 kit in the market for AMD AMP 2400mhz.  Guaranteed tested and approved to run at 2400 with DOCP and or manual timings and voltage settings.

              I paid the premium for this Kit on mobos QVL. Using optimal performance settings mobo defaulted to 1600mhz very stable. DOCP settings Dram target 2400 system crashed and restarted went directly to Windows memory diagnostics and failed.

              Manual settings as per ram specs OCd to 2400mhz timings and voltage. System wouldn't post. After several attempts rechecked all settings, cleared cmos, bios flash back,  system booted and less than 3 minutes got fatal beeps, all fans including psu which under stress test on another system never was audible, went into turbo mode for a brief second before mobo or psu auto protection shut down.   Memory modules were extremely hot to touch as was heatsink to chipset.


              I realize this doesn't answer the original question and there is more information than needed to simply state.  The member posted a question for a reason yet to be answered and instead of an answer or decent suggestion he received a response implying he hadn't read the manual or something even more degrading.   This response from a "Guru" user who assumed it was DDR3.


              Just because it's on a QVL list doesn't mean it will work and if it's not on the QVL doesn't mean it won't work.


              I just joined this community because I have the same question.


              From experience with the same mobo and APU what specific 2400mhz ram has worked best for any user in this community.

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              In theory any DDR3 RAM rated to run @ 2400 MHz. should work. Unfortunately there is enough leeway in the DDR3 specs and construction techniques that all DDR3 RAM rated at 2400 MHz. does not always work in all PCs. A mobo maker's QVL list shows RAM that they have tested that functioned properly. RAM makers however are constantly changing their RAM designs. All DDR3 RAM with a frequency above 1333 MHz. is actually overclocked RAM. That is why it can be hit or miss with higher frequency RAM. Running the RAM at 2400 MHz. may also not provide the best system performance. Testing is required to see if 2133 MHz. or lower frequency would actually be better to match the internal GPU frequency.


              That being said the major RAM suppliers should be able to tell you if their RAM will definitely work on a specific brand and model of mobo. Some RAM suppliers have online RAM selectors based on mobo brand and model. Asus mobos have been known for years to be RAM sensitive because Asus pushes the timings to get minutely better review results so consumers will buy their mobo even when the minute performance difference is insignificant.


              When installing new DDR3 RAM most RAM will default to 1333 MHz. or 1600 MHz. unless the RAM's overclocked specifications are read by the BIOS and tested to be compatible. If the higher RAM  frequency is not detected or if the timings at the higher frequency will not operate in a stable mode, the BIOS will revert to a safe 1333 or 1600 MHz. frequency. In order to run DDR3 RAM at 2400 MHz. in a mobo usually requires very specific timings as listed on the DIMM module or packaging. In addition if you buy multiple DIMMs instead of a DIMM Kit, the multiple DIMMs usually will NOT run at the max RAM frequency rating which is for an individual DIMM unless packaged as a kit. The reason for this is that the DIMM frequency is based on testing by the RAM maker and using more than one DIMM typically requires slower timings to prevent crashes. A single DIMM can often run minutely faster timings. Timings on DDR3 RAM with a frequency of 1600 MHz. or higher is virtually insignificant in system performance as actual testing with real applications can confirm.

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                why u need ram at that speed


                get a i7 skylake and upgrade to ddr4

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                  I thought I would add to this as I have also been having trouble getting my Ram to run stable at 2400mhz on A10-7870k with an Asus A88xm-A motherboard.  I did manage to get it to run stable at 2400mhz if I changed NB frequency to 1000 and left everything on auto. However, this setup only gave me a 3d mark sky diver score of 3600 approx. the best performance i managed to get after hours of testing is as follows: change APU multiplier to 43, Ram to D.O.C.P profile 1, but manually change frequency to 2133mhz and all other settings on auto, extreme, 130. (make sure NB is back on auto). this setup gave me a sky diver 3dmark score of 4200 with only the onboard graphics. not sure why I get a much higher score on 2133mhz but I assume it has to do with the NB frequency.


                  system details;

                  mobo: Asus A88xm-a

                  APU: AMD A10-7870k

                  CPU cooler: Silverstone NT06-pro

                  Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4gb 2400mhz.

                  HDD: Samsung 850 Evo 250gb

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                    Use the crucial system scanner: Crucial.com - Crucial System Scanner


                    You can use it on any desktop or laptop and it will find compatible memory for your system

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                      If you look at the post I made here you can see my system specs:


                      Silent Grizwald


                      I got 16GB (2*8GB) of Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz at half the normal price in an offer and I have them running at 2400MHz with no problems whatsoever in my system (AMD 7870K APU + GigaByte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI).


                      Although the memory is running without any kind of problems at 2400MHz, it has to be said that I have a mini-ITX board which only supports two DIMMS.


                      My motherboard accepted the XMP profile of the RAM with no problems whatsoever. At 2400 the RAM has to have a voltage of 1.65 Volts.


                      My PSU is a Super Flower Leadex 550W Platinum and it supplies incredibly clean power (next to no ripple) to the components. I have not seen any mention of the PSUs being used in the 7870K systems attempting to run RAM at 2400MHz on this thread.


                      My NorthBridge setting is at 1800 MHz