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    HDMI port inactive after Windows 10 Upgrade and AMD 15.200.1062.1002 driver


      Hi everyone,


      ever since my upgrade to Windows 10 and the subsequent update of my graphics driver I am no longer able to select the active graphics by hand. My notebook has onboard and dedicated graphics and up until now I was able to simply choose which of the two would be active by right-klicking the desktop and then choosing the graphics card. Using the new driver, I now have to specify which driver the system should use for what application, which is okay even though a massive pain in the a**. Unfortunately, my HDMI port on my notebook seems to be connected to my ATI mobility Radeom 5650 (I know, a bit older) rather than the main board or something (just a guess). This seems to mean, that it is inactive and I have no idea how to get it activated. Given that I work with this computer and a second screen , this is a massive nuisance and I would appreciate any help you can offer.


      A few system details:


      Acer Aspire 4820TG-5464G75Mnks

      Intel i5 M460

      ATI mobility Radeom 5650

      4GB DDR3

      Samsung SSD 840 Evo (added later)