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    R9 280x XFX DD edition - Vertical lines on 1st monitor


      Ever since I received my new 1080P monitor I had problems when watching youtube videos where the screen would have vertical lines and would flicker covering up the whole monitor. This problem also happens sometime when I start up my PC - I will add some images when it next happens!


      I recently fixed the issue on google chrome by disabling Hardware acceleration but with the new windows 10 there is no option for that in microsoft edge so the issues happens on youtube. I would really like to use the Edge browser and I get frustrated when my PC starts up and the problem occurs. Other people have had this problem but no fixes have been found...


      If I record the screen when the flickering is happening the video comes out looking fine so I don't think my GPU is faulty.


      I need some help! and would like to know whether it would be possible for AMD to add an option in CCC to disable Hardware acceleration in all application as this would most likely fix my problem.

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          Hello and sorry for the delay.  I'm still getting used to the new AMD community forums.


          The flickering issue sometimes occurs when you're not even using flash, just idle at desktop?  What is the serial #? do you have a ticket #?  i may have a bios fix for this, if not, we will need to replace it under warranty.


          If it only flickers in flash, go to the settings on the right top corner of chrome, go to advanced settings, then disable Hardware acceleratoin.


          Please let us know,


          Mark at XFX


          XFX Support