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    Crossfire issue with windows 10 and 2x r290x




      My System Configuration:

      Asus M95 Evo R2.0 Board

      AMD FX 8350 at 4,5GHz

      16GB RAM

      2x SSD

      2x Powercolor 290X

      2x 27 Inch Screens on First GPU

      Windows 10 64bit


      so want to tell you my issue with crossfire under windows 10.


      If I was running both powercolor r290x in crossfire in windows7 64 bit there wasnt any problem.


      Since update to windows 10 64bit, there is no application running with crossfire without problems.

      There are flickering in horizontal direction the whole time. And lower fps.

      No changing with other settings. In Single GPU Mode everything is great.


      The following tests i was done:


      Check gpu single in every slot. Works fine

      Updated driver to actuell one: No changing in crossfire mode

      Set correct profiles to rally grid, assetto corsa, arma 3: no changing same problem on crossfire


      So if everthing was running great with windows 7, i think it should be a problem with driver from amd. Correct?

      Is there something else with problems like this?


      Arma 3 is flickering horizontal in the full screen...

      Assetto Corsa also, and low FPS in crossfire so its unplayable.

      Rally Grid EA: Works ok, low fps and flickering horizontal in top of screen.


      Thank you very much.


      Answers in German and Englisch are welcome.