GPU stays locked underclocked at 800MHz

Discussion created by davidkeb1 on Aug 4, 2015

Hey guys thank you in advances for taking the time to look at my post.

I recently updated to windows 10 (clean install) and updated AMD catalyst control and drivers to the newest update that was meant for windows 10. I've been noticing very poor performance in my gaming and didn't understand why. Using AMD's catalyst control and MSI Afterburner I realized my GPU (Radeon HD 6790) is locked at 800MHz which is lower than the default 850MHz. ( I usually OC this to 1GHz Only makes my GPU 3C hotter with an enormous FPS boost.) Naturally I tried OCing with the CCC and MSI and neither would make it change (Tested in game)


SO I'm unsure of what the problem is and how to fix it. Hopefully you geniuses out there do. Thanks!


UPDATE: Just uninstalled CCC, used driversweeper, used CCleaner, reinstalled CCC same problem. Picture: