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windows 10 Xbox App Not working with 15.7.1 Driver

Question asked by wilco0479 on Aug 3, 2015

I have loaded windows 10 and updated my driver to the new 15.7.1 Catalyst but when i go to stream from xbox to Laptop the App closes.

I have managed to get the streaming when i uninstall the driver and try it with windows basic drivers and also when i install the MSI web site driver but not the 15.7.1.

I would stick with the MSI driver but its not compatible with windows 10, im tearing my hair out as the stream works for everything but the new driver, yet the new driver is the only one i can get working with windows 10.

The error code i get is as follows, it looks like its the aticfx64.dll and atidxx64.dll is the issues.