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    unsupported format when using new drivers


      My monitor only support resolution at 1920x1080@60. It's a Philips TV/Monitor 42pfl8606D/78.


      I never had problems with resolutions before. It Always worked at 1080p.


      But i can't update my drivers anymore. I have to use Catalyst 13.9 or older, so it Works with no problems. If i install any newest driver (any with vsr), my monitor show me "unsuported format" if i use 1920x1080. With the Catalyst 13.9 it Works fine at 1920x1080 but any new driver i have this problem. The newest drivers send signal largest than 1080p to the monitor even 1920x1080 in Catalyst.


      My monitor native resolution is 1920x1080. If i install new drivers i have to use at 1600x900, so the driver send 1080p signal. (thats why i think the vsr is turned on even without checkbox). With old drivers Works as well at 1920x1080.


      I have no checkbox to turn on or turn off VSR because my monitor do not support it. But looks like its turned on anyway. Is there a way to turn off it or fix it?