Red Team is Getting Red-er: Erin M. joins AMD

Discussion created by erin.maiorino Employee on Aug 3, 2015
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Hi Red Team!


My name is Erin and I am the newest member of the AMD Community Management Team! I will be working hand-in-hand with Sam in supporting you, the AMD Red Team!


A little bit about me: The first computer in my house was a mid-1990s Compaq Presario, this PC allowed me to escape reality by traveling the world hunting and successfully capturing Carmen San Diego. During my impressionable years, much to my mother’s chagrin, my older brothers introduced me to the immersive and gruesome worlds of DOOM and Quake. I’ve been hooked on gaming ever since! Currently I do most of my gaming on a beefy laptop (it’s a workhorse!), but am looking to build a new desktop in the near future.


After I graduated college (Hook ‘Em!), I worked six years for an independent Austin game studio, Certain Affinity, where I was fortunate to work on the top FPS franchises Halo and Call of Duty as well as the cult-classic, Age of Booty. I then joined BioWare Austin and helped the team announce Star Wars™: The Old Republic ™ - Knights of the Fallen Empire (did you see the Sacrifice trailer? If not, go watch it now!) and now I am here at AMD working with sam.tehrani on some great ideas for the community.


When I am not basking in the warm glow of a computer monitor, you can find me on the hiking trails with my border collie Pepper, in my garden yelling at caterpillars for eating my parsley or in the kitchen making desserts packed with sugar and butter.


That’s about me in a nutshell, PM me if you have any questions! I look forward to joining the Red Team conversations!