720p and 1080p playback problem

Discussion created by ophelius on Aug 3, 2015

My graphic card is ati 7870 sapphire 2 GB. Win 7, PC (not laptop)


SInce last two updates, i can't watch hd videos anymore, they freeze then continue (every half second). After the first update, can't remember the number (one before 15.7.1) i saw i couldn't watch any hd videos again so i waited for a fix to come out or a new version with the fix in it. And now i updated to 15.7.1 and its all the same.

So i tried to uninstall and install again, followed the instruction (uninstall manager, safe mode, use ddu, reboot, disable every antivirus, install) and it was the same again.


Anyone with the same problem and have a solution?


p.s. i use bsplayer