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Secondary Monitor will not work Windows 10

Question asked by heavylink on Aug 4, 2015

My secondary monitor is not working and I'm not sure why.


I have two monitors connected to my PC, one is 1920x1080 and connected through HDMI and one is 1600x900 and connected through DVI-I. I use the 1080p monitor as my main monitor and it is displaying just fine, but for some reason the other one is not. Whenever I boot my computer I can see the post on both monitors(So it isn't the cable), but when it loads into Windows, the monitor stops displaying. Whenever I try to turn on the second monitor while in Windows, it says no signal and the Device connected/Device disconnected sounds keep looping over and over. When I unplug my primary HDMI 1080p monitor and turn on my 900p one, it will display just fine as a primary monitor but will stop displaying after I plug the 1080p monitor back in. I've rebooted, I've updated my drivers, and nothing is working. My GPU is the R7 270x. All help is appreciated.