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Windows 10 + Multiple Monitors not working

Question asked by antonioo on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by zeta1ret

So before Windows 10, i was running Windows 8.1 successfully 3 Monitors.

1 Display Port - 2 DVI.


Switch to Windows 10 and i have forever had issues and have rebuilt the machine about 5+ times now and never really gotten 3 monitors to work correctly.


I only had 1 Monitor Enabled being the Display Port, DVI were Offline - Unplugged and rebooted many times and i was able to get 1 DVI online when in windows i plugged in another DVI and it came online,

Plugged in the Display Port but the 3rd will ONLY enable if i turn off another monitor.. (Why? Worked fine in Windows 8.1)


If i go into Windows when the 3 Monitors are plugged in and the 2 DVI are "Disabled" you cant see them from the Detect Screen, Sometimes if you try to "Extend" to them it does nothing.. The software makes it out like it has worked but it didnt..


If i reboot with all 3 monitors plugged in the most newest monitor i own being a DELL will take control, therefore i cant enable the other 2 monitors either.. Putting me back into the loop as above of having to mess around to atleast get 2/3 working.


All the online information seems to point to ALOT of Windows 10 issues with Multiple Monitor support but the fact not even CCC is able to control them correctly seems like another major issue also.


Windows 10

Multiple Monitors not working

AMD CCC Catalyst

3 Monitors