Temporary Fix For AMD Drivers In Windows 10

Discussion created by shovon on Aug 3, 2015

Many of us [includeing me] are facing problems in Windows 10 regarding Catalyst 15.7.1.

As long as AMD doesn't fix the problems you can follow this fix your Graphics driver related issue!


[For Switchable Graphics Owners Only, May Work For Others, Just Give It A try]


1.Disable Your Internet Connection.


2. Remove All Your Video Drivers Completely [My Laptop Supports Switchable Graphics]


3. Restart Your PC [With Internet Disabled]


4. Download The Latest Intel Driver From Their Site According To Your Intel Graphics Model.


5. Install It And Restart Your PC [With Internet Disabled]


6. Now Right Click On Windows/Start Menu and Select Device Manager.


7. Expand The Display Adapters Section and You'll Find the Intel Driver is Installed but the Another Driver is Unknown.




8. Double Click On That, and Go to It's Properties.


9. Select the Driver Tab, Enable Your Internet Connection and Click Update Driver.



10. Now Select Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software




11. Now this Will Download and Update Your Graphics Driver and This Will Work On Your PC Without any Errors!


12. As Catalyst Will Not Be Installed In Your PC You Will Have To Install It manually.


13. Since 15.7.1 Is Not Working Properly [Gave Me INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR and DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION] I'ld Recommend You to Use The Catalyst for Windows 8.1


I Think This Would Help!