Fried GPU's Latest Drivers and Windows 10

Discussion created by d3fcon on Aug 3, 2015
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Lets start from the beginning as i had made other posts and realised the screen shots were no help as windows SS would not show the issue.

Clevo Mobo with Dual 7970M's for crossfire wit an i7 and 16gb Ram (Clean installs no junk)


Updated to Win10 64bit from Win 7.1

Installed latest ATI Drivers for Win 10

Restarted to a Black Screen. Was un responsive - Had to restart manually

Constant restart to black screen and BSOD

I restarted in Safe mode to see hundreds of vertical lines across my screen.

Decided to do a format because removing drivers was no help.

Noticed now in post and windows install screens blue lines every where and pink bars running down the screen

Continued to install cause i was a hope-r and there there permanatily now even in bios.

I can't install any drivers they just fail or say can not detect card in any current or previous drivers.


One or both of my GPU's are completely dead.

Thanks allot AMD. there is no return from this right? Fried Vram i'd guess. AMD needs to issue bios updates for there cards to run dx12 not just say they can.


Please explain.


Screen shots taken on from google as i am at work at the moment and are very similar to my current issues






It is a Notebook so i cant just replace a GPU