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Arkham knight corrupted models

Question asked by blamfablam on Aug 3, 2015

I was playing the mission where you go to your office at the top of wayne tower and meet lucius and i got to wayne tower and i exited the game and installed windows 10 and after i installed the new os i installed the 15.7.1 drivers from amd and i loaded the game and now the lighting was all over the place and there was a giant.....thing......that got into the map or replaced the map entirely. And exiting the game and restarting the game only made things worse as now batman was just a giant ball of spikes and his cape warped all over the place and now hes back to normal but the map and rooms still remain warped and corrupt and now the game crashes and sometimes gives me the bsod (Video_TDR_failure atikmpag.sys). I was playing with the batman beyond skin and i run a amd 7660g with 8gb ram and im in the us. It definatley is not a save problem as i stared a new save and the models and textures were still corrupred and messed up. And i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and no luck there.

Someone else had the same issue

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