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Static C++ support in Current OpenCL Drivers

Question asked by tomschi on Aug 3, 2015



we've noticed that after last AMD OpenCL ICD driver update on our Debian system (to 1.15.7),

our tests that use static C++ kernel language are failing, because support for this feature seems to have been removed :-(

(i guess it's related toAMD OpenCL 2.0 with C++ static kernel extension? )


we also tried to use -cl-std=CL1.2 to get rid of the compiler error message

   error: unknown argument: '--c++'

but without success.


we now had to downgrade to 1.14.9, but we are now back to OpenCL 1.2 which makes future development difficult and

of course is no future-proof solution.


why is the support for static C++ discontinued in the new drivers?

when can we expect the current drivers to support static C++ again?


thanks and lg,