Sapphire R9 390X keeps on crashing (Driver recovered by windows)

Discussion created by jkbslh on Aug 3, 2015
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After playing around with this card for about 10 days , It keeps crashing, I've tried the following and it keeps freezing for few seconds and then pop-up the "display stopped responding and recovered" notification by windows:


DISCLAIMER 1 : I had nvidia gtx 760 before and it worked fine.

DISCLAIMER 2 : It crashed only during regular work or surfing the web (Chrome and not Firefox) , it also occurred once in GTA V and CoD AW dosan't work at all as it always crashed. (All other games work

perfectly fine such as ARMA3 / BF4 / FIFA 15 / Shadow Of Mordor)


1) I've tried the previous driver 15.7 on windows 7 64bit pro and it doesn't work. (CoD AW worked on win 7 just fine, it even capped by the game limitation of 91 FPS)

2) I've upgraded to the new driver on windows 7 (15.7.1) and the issue remains. (CoD AW worked on win 7 just fine)

3) I've upgraded to windows 10 64bit Pro (not clean install), and yet the issue remains and even worse. (CoD AW stopped working, crashing right upon login (few seconds and BAMMMM) )

4) Reimage the whole PC (formatted it / clean installation of win 10), and the issue remains.


It happens intermittently , I can't point for something specific but CoD AW which will cause an immediate crash.


Please help, I'm tired already !!!


My specs (cooler master cm storm scout 2 with 5 fans):


Gigabyte Z87-HD3

G.Skill Ripjaws X 16GB 1600 Mhz

Kingston SSD 120GB

WD Black 3TB

WD Green 2TB

Sapphire R9 390X 8GB TRI-X

Seasonic X-Series 750W 80+ GOLD


PLEASE NOTE : Nothing overclocked ever, all stock from day 1. I am not an overclock savvy/fan