HD5450 and video hardware acceleration?

Discussion created by gesaugen on Aug 3, 2015

Hi all

I have Asus K72JR laptop which has i3 CPU, 4gb RAM and integrated HD 5450 GPU. I have Win 7 x64, latest vga drivers from Asus (AMD drivers cause problems) and latest K-lite codeck pack. Laptop is connected to Pioneer receiver which then passes thru signal to Benq W1070 projector.

I'm having problems with playing 3D Blu ray videos from that laptop: after a while, a CPU hits the 100% usage and video starts to hick up. It starts around 80% but very quickly rises to >95% and this happens only with 3D blu-ray videos (while being watched in 3D of course). For watching I've used few programs: PowerDVD 13, 14 & 15 and Arcsoft Totalmedia Theatre 6. They all should support and use hardware acceleration which is turned on while playing blu-ray videos. Also videos I play are in .iso format.

If i play video in 2D, cpu usage in PDVD 13, 14 i 15 and TMT players is around 60% but if I play same video in Media player classic using hardware acceleration thru LAV filters, then CPU usage is around 8-10%. Problem is that MP classic can't show 3D frame packing. Also "side by side" work fine in all players. So obviously there's some problem with hardware acceleration when "frame packing" is in use


nay suggestion how to solve this problem?