Windows 10 ATI Kernel Driver problem (AMD 7970m)

Discussion created by snaf2k on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by bonfire62

Ok I'm losing hope already, been dealing with this blue screen "Thread stuck in device driver" since July 29. Already tried:
- Windows 10 Home (activated) upgraded

- Windows 10 Pro (activated) upgraded

- Windows 10 Home (clean + activated)

- Windows 10 Pro (clean + activated)

- Upgraded drivers to 15.7.1 (with uninstall + amd uninstall tool)

- Rolled back to 15.6 beta (with uninstall + amd uninstall tool)

- Uninstalled driver then upgraded "Microsoft Default Display" to driver that windows finds automatically and installs


NOTHING WORKS. It could temporarily stop giving "THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER" blue screen but after couple restarts it goes back to permenent problem that can only be fixed by DISABLING 7970m driver in device manage.


What's going on? Any ideas? I looked through most recent guides and fixes in the forum, but none of them offer permanent solution.