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Secondary Monitor not Working with New GPU

Question asked by greenflashlight on Aug 2, 2015
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I just installed a new R9 290 GPU and am having some trouble setting up my secondary monitor. My primary is a 1920x1080, but the secondary is a 1680x1050. With my old card, an HD 6870, I used a VGA to DVI-I adapter to connect it. This new card doesn't accept DVI-I, so I'm using a straight DVI-D cable to connect it.


Windows and Catalyst can both detect the monitor (a VX2025wm), but it defaulted to 640x480 and didn't display anything. After messing around a bit (checking off enable gpu up-scaling, reduce dvi freq, alternate DVI op mode), it finally gave me some alternate options (720x, 1280x, 1920x), but not the 1680x1050 native res. It then, as I was typing this, finally started displaying something on the monitor, but still at crap resolution. Any ideas? I've tried and re-tried the cables.


I should add that, while the secondary monitor works at this low resolution, it often is taking time to get a signal after I wake up the monitors up.


Also, I just tried a DVI-D SL to HDMI cable, and I'm able to get a few more options, but still not the native resolution (1680x1050).  I'm tempted to buy a VGA to HDMI, since VGA to DVI-I worked before (and I think that solved a similar issue years ago), but I'd rather not spend the money before exhausting other possibilities.