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HD 6870, Windows 7 64-bit -black screen after 15.7.1 update

Question asked by whododrums on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by qewqew

After installing the 15.7.1 driver update my computer will not start normally.  I can only start in safe mode or if I completely disengage my graphics card, all of which keep me from fixing the situation.  I have tried to revert to an older version of the driver, (several older versions), all still give me the black screen after the window screen and never get me to the login screen no matter how long I wait.  I have tried to revert my pc to an older back-up but still same problem.  Seemingly I have no way to fix anything, any suggestions? 


It seems that a lot of people are having issues across all windows platforms and with a large array of different AMD graphic cards. Is 15.7.1 to blame since everything work just fine prior to the update?, and how are you to fix this issue when no matter what driver you use it keeps the same issue present and have to start in safe mode or without the graphics card enabled.  When I try to install a new driver and restart it goes back to the black screen issue and cannot cleanly complete the installation. 


Why on earth would you release something that was so poorly tested and on a Friday when you will have no one in house to address the problems of a new release.  I also have no sound.