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    Who ever is updating drivers for AMD and old Asus cards sucks at the job


      I have experienced nothing but constant crashes in games from crappy coding.All Amd products to boot.I will make sure to never recommend Amd products to anyone.I have a Asus Eah5450 card that was recoded by Amd but it always has problems now.Diablo 3 one game I constanly play is crashing 24/7 Seems like driver just up and stops working cause onscreen lockups and yet I can still here my barb spinning in the back ground.Everyone is using hd cards these days to game so get with the program Amd.

      Now that windows 10 is released no one can go back on drivers we all have to use the one you pushed out on us.On your driver pages you should also add options for older driver installs instead of pushing bets on us that are bugged and even after release are still bugged.I would just like my voice heard and maybe some tips on fixing issues.Everyone has had at least 2 years to get their drivers ready for windows 10 yet nope wait till last minute crap.