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Cities : skylines crash

Question asked by mrsofa on Aug 2, 2015



The above mentioned game has a problem with my HD 5770 graphic card. Also as I investigated over the forums other people are experiencing the same problem with the same and some other and/ati 5XXX cards.

The game crashes only when you zoom in on the "train station" or "ship docks". The game freezes and the computer becomes unresponsive so you have to force restart it.
On windows 10 a popup appears with a message "the video driver has crashed and was recovered". And then you have to kill it in task manager.

There are many threads open over the steam forums with people experiencing the same problem. If you just Google "cities skylines train station" or "cities skylines 5770" you will see. So it's not just a problem with my computer.


I have the latest drivers, beta drivers also do not help. It broke on win 8.1 and win 10.

The game is also updated to latest version.


Any ideas?