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    Graphics Problem


      I just started playing Mechwarrior Online but I am having some graphics problems. When I see straight lines they all blend together or break up and are not straight. I had this exact problem in WoT and thought it was just that game but it is happening here as well. I was wondering if anybody have any ideas on how to fix this. When I get close to the lines they are fine. It is only at a distance.


      I have a Sapphire Radeon 7950 video card.


      Here are some screenshots to what I mean.






      Look at the grates on top of the building. They are not straight lines. When I move they dance and shimmer in a very annoying way. One of these screen shots is max settings the other is low settings. I did not restart the client in between changing them if that matters.




      Here look at the line on the landing pad. It is not a straight line.




      Again here the line under the door is not straight.


      I have a feeling this may be some setting in Catalyst or something since it happens in Wot and MWO. I am using the current drivers.


      When people use lasers from they appear in broken lines like the screens show. I just couldnt get a good picture of them in battle of course.


      Thank you for any help I can get.