Problem downgrading drivers in win 10 (15.7.1 to 14.12)

Discussion created by swiftfox on Aug 3, 2015
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Ok I upgraded to win 10 last week and allowed it to install the 15.7.1 drivers, I had a problem with these on windows 7 in Diablo 3 it seemes to be causing a loading screen freeze never had this problem with 14.12(my previous driver).


So I attempted to downgrade my drivers my problem arose from trying to install the 14.12, whenever I ran the installer package it would only allow me to install the install manager,  control centre and gaming app but no sign of amd hd audio driver or gfx driver in list...***? lol


Tried running guru uninstaller no joy got same choice of options still no drivers in list.


My only workin solution was to go to device manager and install the driver by looking in the amd folder that was created when running installer, my audio driver I let win 10 reinstall as it had it listed as an update.


The current 15.7.1 driver I have hidden from windows update using the  troubleshooting program to hide unhide updates from win 10.



Any ideas on why win 10/ATI installer would not detect that the drivers needed installing in the 1st place even with a driver clean?


running 6970HD card just in case ppl are wondering


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