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Windows 10 and now no more sound...

Question asked by metagravedom on Aug 2, 2015
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I went with the windows 10 upgrade and now my PC has gone off the deep end.


here are my specs


windows 10 64bit

AMD A10-6700 on a ASUS M11BB mother board

12 GB DDR3 @666MHz

AMD R9 380 4gig from Gigabyte

Samsung 32' TV set as my monitor using HDMI for video and audio


when i upgraded to windows 10 i first had all sorts of wonderful issues.

the infamous big mouse pointer issue was the first. somehow i managed to fix it after many days troubleshooting anything and everything i could find over the internet.

some how the windows 10 upgrade messed with the MBR and some how magically installed it on my secondary drive... so i backed everything up and wiped both drives 100% and did a complete fresh install of windows 10. Now i am stuck with the issue of not having any sound. This issue doesn't start off right away but after an hour or two all of a sudden the sound is gone and there is no way of getting it back without a restart. i went ahead and disabled the sound on the motherboard and that seems to have made it better and extended the amount of time i have before the sound cuts out again but for some reason the audio driver just gives up and stops working from time to time. i have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers 6 or 7 times now and tried a variety of configurations for sound but nothing seems to be working. My only hope left is AMD or someone who can figure out what exactly is going on here. i have scoured the internet and i have come up with absolutely nothing other than windows 7 AMD issues that presented this exact issue with some HP laptops. the only bad thing is that none of the work around for the windows 7 issue work with windows 10 sadly. If anyone has and idea of a fix please let me know. 


when i select "test" under "playback devices" I either get one of 2 messages when this issue is occurring.

"test audio failed to play" or "this device is already in use with another application" but like i said it works fine for about 2 - 3 hours but then out of the blue it just stops working and i end up with these messages. AMD Corporate Support Forums


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