Windows 10 & AMD Radeon R9 M200x

Discussion created by rich.t. on Aug 2, 2015

I have a 1-year old Toshiba Satellite Laptop running windows 8.1.

It has a an AMD Radeon R9 M200x series.

Thursday I downloaded the new windows 10. Big mistake.

'Blue screen' "INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR" messages, computer crashing every 5 mins. Couldn't even get into Safe Mode.

Spent the best part of 2 days on the phone to MS dealing with their technical support.

I was informed that AMD have no driver updates.

Eventually got tech person got the computer running again, but not to its full graphics capacity.

Today I received a 'Driver Update/AMD Catalyst' notification, downloaded the thing...crash, back to 'Blue screen "INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR" messages.

Managed to uninstall AMD Catalyst.


Anyone know what the hell is going on?