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hard- and software technology development: nothing but a marketing scam?

Question asked by soulstealer on Aug 2, 2015

well, it seems there's something really unfortunate going on. when you look into the next two articles for example, it will be easy to pick up the point from there. for the reader, so i believe, it is almost impossible to avoid the upcoming impression, that nowadays big players like nvidia and amd alike are fooling the consumer and manipulating the market by superficial means for profit. suddenly, directx12 yields hundreds or even thousands percentages of performance, only since hardware is being adressed and used more efficiently? i wonder how it was even possible to run on directx11 and lower for all those years, maybe just using a few percent of the actual hardwares performance. when looking at the mechanics of directx11 and comparing them to directx12, you cant but double facepalm like picard and riker and you ask yourself just what the f* were they thinking all these years. so here is a godzille facepalm since the one with picard and riker is just not enough and just imagine all the ressources wasted.




and now they suddenly dug up the holy grail(s) in parallelism? not buying it! it was all known beforehand and planned well and one of the reason we dont really see any new chips from amd today - because they know that its not even necessary, since the manipulations going on in software development and application has brought the necessity and use of new hardware to almost a standstill; apart from difficulties in newer manufacturing processes holding them back, too. the only solution has been to release the explosion in a controlled and slowed down manner, exactly what we see now with windows 10 and directx12. add to that, amd is unable to fix their drivers for years, while nvidia excels at it, maybe just using one single tweak or different setting - or whatever, magic? excuse me, not buying it. a mayor bug in linux was found that spoiled about 20-40% on amd hardware ahwile ago, too? again, not buying it. too many and too obvious coincidences. just look for it, theres plenty of it. call it sabotage or manipulation, it all comes down to the same in the end.


now, look at these two articles among many and read them carefully:…


Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts •


amd started this with bragging about their open source mantle and such, which it never became, and that it would be available to linux also. in the end they trashed mantle and bowed down to the nvidia, intel, microsofot conglomerate, because innovation in this industry has become impossible and manipulation a necessity.


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