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    Videos start of black and glitchy


      Every time i play a video on YouTube/Facebook it starts of glichy and black untill it gets 6 or so seconds into the video or i drag the slider back to the start, its really annoying, ive upgraded to windows 10 and the issue is still here, all my drivers are up to date, I've uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it that didnt fix it, it also happens in Edge and Firefox
      im running 2 Crossfire AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series and the issue has been happening for the past 4 months

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          It's only few information about this problem most peoples think like this problem never exist...


          the only way to fix as I know is re-install whole OS ... I don't think it's chrome issue anyway

          compared to working system without this problem I notice raised of GPU memory when it pre-load of video stuff (what ever you play it or not if it popup in the page it cost memory ... sound like that while this not happen on the fine system)


          what I have tried so far

          - Uninstall driver and clean it's registry/files via 3rd party (included official from AMD) try many versions (if it happen once no matter version problem will still on ... it's hard here because problem occurred in same version of driver and I still don't have time to track down what really is the key of this problem)

          - play around all settings of driver ... took hours to do this with all combination of setting (it really suck when you doing nothing but got this problem by unknown thread and having few information about this none of them can explain " cause " for this..

          - most peoples said the fix is turn off video acceleration which is " NOT " it's only workaround ... because you losing performance on high resolution video in full screen mode ...



          Just that .... what I know ...


          Please let me know if anyone know clue of this problem... I really curious ... and I hate to reinstall whole os with a chance to get this problem " again " ... I want to know what I have doing wrong ... or it is some kind of virus/worm/malware inside my system ? ...