15.7.1 3D application settings not working

Discussion created by deefop on Aug 2, 2015
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I'm a little new to this forum/format so if I make any "rule breaking" errors, try to forgive me.  I started a "question" yesterday which I thought was the equivalent of just making a new thread, maybe I was wrong so I'm trying again.  I'm going to copy paste what I posted yesterday and also add on to it.


Since going to Windows 10 and the newer drivers, I've noticed that the crossfire setting in the 3d applications tab doesn't appear to be working.


When I play CS:GO, I have a specific set of options which I set up in the 3d application section.  At the bottom, there's an option to disable crossfire for that specific application if you so choose, which I do disable for CS:GO.

I noticed that when I play now on windows 10 with the new drivers, both GPU's appear to be in use, whereas before I am 99% sure it was working and only 1 GPU was being used.


I also noticed a strange issue with the program "Vibrance GUI" since upgrading to 15.7 and now subsequently to 15.7.1.  It automatically changes your saturation when you load CS:GO, and it's been causing strange distortions similar to screen tearing since I upgraded. 


Not sure what's going on or if anyone else has noticed.  Hoping for some kind of fix or clarification soon, it'll be really annoying to have to manually disabled CF every time I play CS:GO.



Now since yesterday, I've ALSO noticed that 3D application settings don't appear to be working correctly.  I only have 3 application profiles set up at the moment, CS:GO, mass effect, and ME2.


I've been playing ME2 and noticing that my anti aliasing settings are DEFINITELY not working, I've played around and changed the settings and I can't get it enabled regardless.


Is a total driver uninstall + DDU wipe necessary just because we went to Windows 10?  I haven't tried that yet mainly because if I can avoid losing what settings/preferences I have in place I'd like to. 


Curious whether anyone else has noticed these types of issues.  I stopped using Radeon Pro when the AMD drivers started getting better and adding things like 3D application settings.  Don't want to have to use third party programs again just for a function that should be built into the driver.


And obviously the CFX option I initially mentioned is in the same part of the driver UI so I feel like it's the entire 3D application tab not working at this point.