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R7 250x annoyingly persistent instability

Question asked by dr.max on Aug 2, 2015
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16gigs DDR3 1866

Gigabyte 970-DP3

480gig SSD

Gigabyte R7 250x

Windows 7 64bit


I have had a very persistent problem with my 250x that i can't seem to find anywhere online. When playing any game on battlenet about 2min into the game the screen will freeze and battlenet itself will stop responding. At that point the game may or may not crash with no error citation. Sometimes i can overt the crash by simply starting the task manager from in game, but sometimes that doesn't even work. Changes to the resolution have no effect. Updates have no effect. Clean installs of the software and or drivers have no effect. I know it is the GPU because I installed  an Nvidia 9600GT and the problem was gone. Also if multiple flash videos are opened at once eventually one of them will start with a black screen and only play sound. No crash of flash itself but no video. I returned the card to the point of sale and they took it in, but gave it back two weeks later saying there was nothing wrong with the card. I am sure they just plugged it in and because it boots just fine they figured it is all good, but After 2 weeks of no issues on the 9600GT and after a clean install of the 250x, I booted up SC2. The very first game battlenet stopped responding and the game acted as if i was having server issues. I seriously don't know what is going on but it is clearly the card. What can i do?