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AMD Catalyst CC chipset drivers 15.7.1 install problem

Question asked by praes023 on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by ztdz

I'am currently trying to update a windows 7x64 Home Premium (whitout sp1 which i cannot install; the only solution is an upgrade towindows 7x64 with sp1) with AMD CCC chipset drivers 15.7. I see an ATI directory in Program Files after I reboot but i do not see a CCC menu item in the startup menu or in All Programs. Probably caused by the absence of SP1. Checking the drivers with Driver Booster 2.3/2.4 shows that  the AMD drivers were not installed. My mobo is an ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0. I installed in a new partition Windows 7x64 Home Prem with SP1 and ready to upgrade to Windows 10 Home Premium or 8.1 (so all Windows hotfixes were installed) . However i see there that I have the same problems after setup of AMD Catalyst Chipset drivers 15.7.1.


So I’m further investigating what is wrong?  I have also on the same 2 other partitons prepared a Windows 8.1x64 Pro (Ready to Upgrade to Windows 10x64 Pro) and a Windows 10x64 Pro and to test it there also in the following week.


In the past there was a possibility on the AMD chipset download page to alter previous chipset versions. That is now not anymore the case. However, for investigating the problem that could be very usefull.

I wonder if no more people have the same problem with 15.7.1?

Rem: On my Xp system the AMD Catalyst CC is working.