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Where to report Catalyst issue: My program under load is killing monitors

Question asked by froglegs on Aug 2, 2015

Hello I'm working on a game that heavily taxes CPU, GPU, and GPU drivers.


When I run a fully optimized build, under certain settings I can fairly reliably cause both monitors to go black, and refuse to turn back on.
I have no seen any other programs cause this behavior on this machine.


I assume this is caused by a AMD driver bug/crash or windows(8.1) crash but cannot be certain.

To continue using the machine I am forced to hard reboot.


Monitor on dev machine are hooked into my Radion, specifically:

XFX RADEON Double D R9 280X 1000MHz BOOST Ready 3GB DDR5


I am not entirely sure as to how to go about reporting this issue, as I don't specifically know what is causing it.


I do know that is happens only when a fully optimized build, with game settings that would lead to heavy GPU vertex & index buffer creation and destruction.

It procedural generates 100's of megs of vertex/index data and streams it to the GPU, if the settings are high enough it can be a few gigs.

If you move around it destroys & creates new buffers.

It seems related to the rate at which buffers are being destroyed & created, rather than the total memory usage, as I've triggered it within  < 5 seconds of starting the program, when is only using a couple hundred megs.



If you know a good place to report this, or have any ideas, let me know