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F1 2015 loading times trifire

Question asked by furiouspop on Aug 1, 2015



I am running Trifire R9 290's (Sapphire Tri-x) no OC's on the cards, running the stock standard with eyefinity (3x screens)


Currently using 14.12 drivers which seem to be running the game at best.


When trying 15.7 OR 15.7.1 the game would run fine without issue however the loading times are up to 2 mins regardless what in game setting i use or ever what setting i use in the CCC manager.

My friend has 2x R9 290's and on 15.7 his loading time is roughly around 20 seconds, however he mentioned that on 14.12 he was experiencing the same load times as myself.


Can you please apply the same fix for Tri fire?????


Also please note on 15.7 OR 15.7.1 after exiting any game my 3x screens would start to flicker, regardless what game i came out of, windows would start to flicker at the desktop. only solution was to go into the ccc manager and in desktop properties change the refresh rate to 75p (which my monitors can only do 60Hz (dell U3011). to which after it attempts and i apply the new setting (defaults back to 60Hz) the flicker would stop.


thankyou, i am happy to provide more details if required.