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    ATI Radeon HD4300/4550 - CCC ?


      I have both an HD4300 and a HD4550 graphics card in my two media PC's.  Initially after the Windows 10 install, it defaulted to Windows compatible.  However, when going into the system and drivers, and clicking on update, it installed the drivers.  Everything now looks find in 1920x1080.


      The problem I have is I am unable to install the Catalyst Control Centre.  Therefore, annoyingly I have black borders around my LCD tv and it's annoying.


      Whilst others on the forum say there are no drivers for Win 10, and agree, Win 10 will install previous Windows drivers.  Even CCC worked fine in Windows 8.1


      All we need is CCC to install with Windows 10 to work alongside the older Radeon HD4xxx cards.  May be an update around the corner, as it's not the graphics driver I need ???