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Unable to install any type of driver.

Question asked by jayjay99 on Aug 1, 2015

Good afternoon,


I have been having trouble with updating my out of date driver.

After not using my laptop for quite a while i had a notice pop up upon turning my laptop on, This stated that i did not have any ATI driver.

I used the websites 'find my driver' for a quick solution and went ahead with the advised driver that was found for me., Yet upon logging back in after the re-start and checked with RUN-DxDiag i have noticed that i still do not have any type of driver installed.

I then though i should just look and see if i could find the one that i need, Yet every time i use the 'manually select your driver' option and goes through the listings and press the 'display results' it deletes the first option making it impossible for me to download.


I really need help help with installing the right driver for me.

Regards Jamie