Windows 10 erased my amd software

Discussion created by gccruz on Aug 1, 2015

Hi Good evening

(Im not really that good with computers so please bear with me ill try my best)


I just wanted to ask for some help, because after i updated my Lenovo g50-70 (thats  what is sayas beside the box =) )i got an error message from the lenovo solution center saying that there.was no video driver.


So i went to the AMD websites and downloaded the  amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit. exe file and it installed it. It now the error was gone  and now this is how my device manager looks like




When i open the AMD catalyst control center this was the only things that were there

So i decided to try and run dota 2, but when i did there was incredibe lag unlike when my pc was still back inwindows 8.1


so i decided to run dxdiag so that you can see some of the inforrmation on my laptop

Before I upgraded to windows 10 my control center had a lot more options such as anti aliasing setting vsync and performance level, and and it was also switchable. In windows 8.1 if i remeber correctly it was an Intel that cam along with it I don't know what happened during the update.  I just wanted to ask what steps should i take to get my laptop back to its working order before I updated it to windows 10


Thank you for tacking your time to read this