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[Catalyst 15.7.1]Sumo and Wrestler GPU's are not supported in Windows 10

Question asked by rscm on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by chiniyo

Is AMD going to release a fix for this?

Currently Catalyst 15.7.1 for Windows 10 does not support the GPU's with the codename Sumo or Wrestler



AMD9640.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6550D"

AMD9641.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6620G"

AMD9642.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6370D"

AMD9643.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6380G"

AMD9644.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6410D"

AMD9645.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6410D"

AMD9647.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6520G"

AMD9648.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6480G"

AMD9649.1 = "AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6480G"

AMD964A.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6530D"

AMD9802.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics"

AMD9803.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics"

AMD9804.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics"

AMD9805.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics"

AMD9806.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics"

AMD9807.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics"

AMD9808.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics"

AMD9809.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics"

AMD980A.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7290 Graphics"


I checked the difference between the Win8 and Win10 Catalyst (15.7.1 same version both) and came up with the list that the Windows 10 does not have.

I tried to install the Win8 drivers on Win10, but the Graphic Driver is not listed to choose. And as you can imagine the Win10 version does not work because is not supported.

Right now I'm stuck with the drivers that Miscrosoft provides, with poor performance. I lost all GPU acceleration to watch video for example. I had to disable GPU acceleration in the browser and in all the filters/player to watch stuff.

And because of that everything relies on the CPU, that means slow performance for other processes that usually get full attention.

Do you know any workaround to this? Any beta driver out there? Any way to install the Win8 driver at least? (Tried with signature checking off also)


I own a Laptop with an AMD HD 6520G (AMD A6-3400M)