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    Black screen on first startup after windows logo


      Hi folks,

      I've been having issues since months now:

      1. initial startup goes into black screen straight after showing windows logo

      2. after manual reset everything is fine

      also, sometimes the screen remains black if the power savings have turned down the screen and a forces reset is required.


      this happens always like this. thankfully i can use my pc after a reset, but its weird that the first startup always ends in a black screen. Have had this issue in win 8 and 10, and using a variety of drivers. My CPU does not have integrated graphics, i updated bios and have done fresh driver isntall with driver sweeper. Anyone familiar with this issue, and/or know of other troubleshooting methods?


      setup: Sapphire r9 290

      win 8.1 and now win 10

      drivers: 14.12, beta 15.5, and now 15.7.1