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Catalyst 15.7 and Wolfenstein:The Old Blood artifacts

Question asked by carnage1986 on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by walterpobjoy

The first game i played(in fact i tried to play) after Catalyst 15.7 was Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. I'm using R9 270X and Windows 8.1. (All of the driver settings are default) I ran the game yesterday and i saw weird artifacts on the screen. Taking a screenshot or record the gameplay video is meaningless because the image that taken from the frame buffer is flawless. I'm gonna try to describe them(it's very hard for me): There are some blue or violet(or the same color of the area) boxes flickering on the screen and the number of boxes increase when i move, or turn left or right. When i stop to move the character, most of the artifacts disappear. After playing couple of minutes stopping the movement doesn't help. It seems like pure hardware error a lot. I quitted from the game and tried another game(Dirt:Rally) i didn't see any artifacts.



I started to think and i remembered that i encountered some problems with Wolfenstein: The New Order. But they weren't horrible as i saw yesterday.



I rolled back to Catalyst 14.12(I preferred to stay away from the betas) and the problem solved. There's no graphical corruption(even common problems like z-fighting or texture flickering)



Here's my questions:



1/Was it a hardware error that some drivers can easily mask and some of them can't? I'm asking this because it seems like very hardware problem.



2/Has anyone seen the same or similar problem? Is my card the only one that troubles Wolf:Old Blood with Cat 15.7?