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    AMD Enduro Error on Win 10 Pro


      I used Lenovo G400 (R5 M200/HD 8500M) laptop for my college, and I used it for academic purpose, and I only play old games like PES 13, AC II, etc. Usually, when I'm playing PES 13 back when I'm still using Win 8.1 Pro, I have no problem or whatsoever. Now, when I'm using Win 10 Pro, I constantly get report message saying that my laptop VRAM are only 128 MB and the game then run lag as hell. And also, in DxDiag, my Full Display Device are Intel HD Graphic and my HD 8500M ar set as Render-Only Display Device. My Spec are:

      Windows 10 Pro 32-bit

      Intel Pentium 2020M

      2 GB RAM

      Intel HD Graphic as Full Display Device (driver version:

      AMD Radeon HD R5 M200 / HD 8500M (AMD Catalyst 15.7.1)


      Is there any way o fix this problem, or forcing my Laptop to use HD 8500M?

      Thanks in advance for support