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msi 390 - Witcher 3 graphical corruption - 15.7.1 & 15.7

Question asked by beachedwalrusau on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by infamousgg

Hi i have been having certain issues with my msi 390, at first it was black screening in games on the cd drivers. I upgraded to the newer drivers by uninstalling, going to safe mode and removing with ddu then installing the new drivers.


Now i have run into an issue which is really annoying. Basically in places in the witcher the faces will loose their texturing


Then there is the textures on the ground that go as well


And also have seen this twice in about 20 hours of gameplay


The graphics card crashes, i have to log out and log back in as i can't alt tab


Graphics settings are full and i am running a lg 34 inch widescreen 2560x1080 which has no issues when attached to my laptop.


I also have had some weird stuff on my screen when playing atilla total war as well


Just wondering if anyone has seen this, knows how to fix it or what causes it?